How to Get More Free Traffic From Google: Use 360 Virtual Tour


Google’s 360 virtual tour is a proven street view technology that allows you to give your customers a tour around your business premise. The tour, together with great reviews, increases the chances of getting more calls from customers.

But, that’s not the only benefit you reap from the use of this technology. When done right, it helps to boost your organic traffic.

Your prospects may be viewing your Google My Business page only to realize more listings, such your website, which they can click to visit.

How can this be done? I know that’s what you thinking. Well, that’s the reason I’m sharing this post with you anyway.

An online 360 virtual tour can engage visitors just like images and text, giving your business the visibility it needs for growth.

Let’s see how you can use Google 360 virtual tour  to get more free traffic.

Here we go.

Work with Trusted Pro Photographers

Just the images you use in your content, you need quality photos to create an immersive visual experience for customers.

Quality photos of your business interior will certainly entice customers to learn more about you. This will prompt them to search your business online, read customer reviews, and visit your website for more information.

A good company will create a page for your business on their website to showcase the shoot and also show your information, including website, business description, and social media links. This helps to boost your visibility.

Your Google My Business Profile Matters

For business owners, Google made it convenient and feasible to create a listing that provides potential customers access to more information about you.

In 2014, Google launched Google My Business (GMB), bringing together Google Places, Google Local businesses have an easy experience managing their accounts.


360 virtual tour Google My Business account


A powerful 360 virtual tour should be supported by a powerful GMB profile. This is especially important if you plan to localize your business in search results.

A great profile will show up in search and  Google  Maps  Use your business name and address to locate and verify your business.

GMB is a free tool that allows you to share your business information easily. By adding the tour to this profile, you gain the trust of potential customers at first glance.

It shows you’re genuine and trustworthy.

Add the Virtual Tour to Your Website

After creating the tour, you can also add it to your site to reduce your bounce rate. Interactive virtual tours help to keep customers on your site longer, and this means free traffic.

When embedding the tour, consider making it more convenient and fun with navigation menus, optional music track, video clips, audio hotspots, and information cards.

Do not forget to include links that will take visitors to pages they want to view. These include your product, reservation, service, pricing, and contact pages.

Your goal here to double your engagement by offering more creative ways for customers to get familiar with your business.

A 360 Virtual Tour Gets More Clicks

When it comes to looking for local businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, people are usually more interested in the overall appeal.

When they look up your business online and find your GMB page, they will be inclined to check the profile and take the virtual tour.

The clicks they make while viewing the tour counts towards boosting your online visibility. For example, restaurants can experience up to 30 percent increase in click-through rate with a virtual tour.

A nice tour will compel customers to stop looking for other options and move further to your website to make a reservation, inquire your pricing or schedule an appointment.

The more engaging the tour is, the better feeling customers get about your company. They are able to experience your brand in a way that normal photos can’t do.

The Bottom Line

Setting up a virtual tour for your business is quite easy. Contact Us  we visit your location for the shoot. Thereafter, they will create the tour and set it up for you.

Having a Google virtual tour sets you apart from the competition. Ideally, it gives customers the ideal reason to choose your business over others.

It is estimated that customers can spend about 22 minutes on your website if you have embedded a virtual tour.

Giving your customers a tour of your business helps to inculcate the values of honesty and transparency. Over time, you build rock solid customer trust that is important in your growth.

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